Women love to have the most beautiful hair and is very important for most of them to have long hair. Hair loss is a big problem and we must find the most effective ways to reduce balding and thinning hair.

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The main reason we have thin hair are excessive physical or emotional stress, hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, pollution, allergies or maybe choosing the wrong hair products.

Many products we buy for hair care are expensive and most of them are full of chemicals that only harm the hair. It is important to use only natural ingredients if you want your hair to be healthy and strong for a long time. Also, homemade recipes are cheaper and easy to make, so you won’t waste a lot of time on preparing the remedies.

For this remedy you have the follow these steps:

-take 4-5 onions and cut them into small pieces

-next, you have to take one liter of water and boil it in a pan with the onions for 10 minutes

-wait for it to cool and then strain the onion water

-when you wash, rinse the hair after shampooing with the onion water

Use this remedy twice a week for the best results. You will get the hair you could only dream of.