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Gym etiquette – 5 Reasons you should exercise early in the morning

   Gym etiquette has been consistently dwindling in an age of increasing numbers of gym-goers. Gym etiquette is essential for proper functioning of any gym and only makes the experience more pleasant for everyone involved.

The most important of all gym manners is maintaining hygiene. Always carry a towel/napkin and clean up seats and equipment that you have just used. Make sure you use clean shoes that you do not use outside. Not only does this make the surrounding cleaner but also healthier.

Always use deodorant. Sweating is often unavoidable but the stench is your responsibility. Be sure to wash yourself regularly, especially while doing cardio. Grunting is a natural part of heavy lifting. But, continuous and loud grunting can be distracting to people around you.

Return any equipment you use back to its original place. This makes it easier for the next person to get it and keeps the gym clutter-free. Do not hog time on a particular piece of equipment, especially during peak hours. At the same time, be considerate of the people using the equipment and do not pester them.

Lastly, stick to what the gym is made for. Avoid chatting, texting, providing unwanted advice, admiring yourself in the mirror, flirting with uninterested people and boasting about how much you lift. Most people there go there to get away from the doldrums of work and housework, so let them concentrate on their workouts.


5 Reasons you should exercise early in the morning

  1. No excuses

If you start your day with a few exercises or even a quick run, you don’t get to think of excuses like ‘I don’t have time’, ‘It was a long day’, ‘I’m too exhausted’ etc. If you can wake up half an hour early to put on your make up or change five outfits, you can wake up early to exercise.

  1. Mood improvement

It’s a pretty common knowledge that sport can energize us, but working out in the morning can also give us a boost and put us in a good mood for the entire day.

  1. Blood circulation

Exercising improves the blood circulation, which is good for the health of our entire body. Blood flows through heart, lungs, arteries and veins and keeps our entire system and muscles working.

  1. Weight loss

If your goal is to lose weight, working out in the morning can keep you motivated to have a positive healthy lifestyle for the entire day, helps you burn calories faster and even have fewer cravings.

  1. Good rest

A well started day means a more active and productive day and a restful sleep.

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